Athletic Director – Brandon Gilbert:
Athletic Trainer – Ryan Lacy:
Vice Principal/Athletics – Shane Riddle:
Head Coach Contact Info​ (pdf download)



Athletic Paperwork

All athletic paperwork must be completed and turned in to the Athletic Trainer prior to participating in athletics. ​Physicals must be done each year and be dated after June 1 prior to the upcoming school year. All packets are located in the front office or you can get from a coach. 

Athletics Physical Packet (Click to download pdf)

NCAA Presentation Slideshow (Click to download pdf)​

Link to View on Youtube

NCAA Information

NCAA High School Timeline.pdf

D1 Standards.pdf

D2 Standards.pdf

Athletic Eligibility

Please see the Athletic Eligibility link for complete information.  Basically, athletes must have a 2.0 GPA at each quarter, taking at least 5 classes and passing 4. A 2.0 GPA is the minimum, we recommend 2.5 GPA or higher, push to do better.​


An athlete that is suspended is not allowed to participate in any activities (including games and practices) for 14 consecutive days from the day of the suspension. 


Sports Offered

 Bullard offers interscholastic athletics in 24 programs plus Pep and Cheer. There are 3 seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. There is an overlap between each season, but it does not prevent students from participating in 2 or more sports throughout the year.

2023-2024 Calendar

View the calendar linked below for season dates.​

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