Academic Eligibility Guidelines

  • Eligibility is determined each quarter and is made official by the Athletic Director only.
  • Fall sports eligibility is based on 4th quarter grades from previous school year and 1st quarter of current school year.
  • Winter sports eligibility is based on 1st quarter and second quarter of current school year.
  • Spring sports eligibility is based on 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter of current school year.
  • Student athletes must be enrolled in 5 classes and passing at least 4 classes each quarter.  Failure to do so results in the student being INELIGIBLE.
  • Minimum GPA is 2.0. 
  • Students with a 2.0 or higher are ELIGIBLE.
  • Students below a 2.0 for a quarter, but a 2.0 or higher in previous quarter will be placed on PROBATION for 1 quarter.  They can still practice and participate in games.
  • Students below a 2.0 for 2 consecutive quarters are INELIGIBLE.
  • Summer School grades can have a positive effect on 4th quarter grades only.  If a Summer School class is taken for a class taken in the Spring Semester the grade can be replaced if it helps the GPA.  If a class from a previous semester is taken in Summer School, it can be added to the 4th quarter if it will help the overall GPA only.
  • Eligibility takes effect 10 days after the end of the quarter.  No exceptions.
  • Incoming Freshman for Fall sports eligibility is based on 4th quarter grades only. 
    • ELIGIBLE – passing 4 classes with a 2.0 or higher GPA
    • PROBATION – below a 2.0, passing at least 4 classes
    • INELIGIBLE – below a 2.0, not passing at least 4 classes

Transfer Student Guidelines

  • Students who transfer to Bullard High School after they have started high school as a freshman at another school, must be cleared by CIF (California Interscholastic Federation-Central Section) in order to participate in athletics for Bullard.  This is for all transfers, regardless if you played a sport at the previous school or not.
  • New students must meet with the Athletic Director for the CIF Transfer Paperwork packet.
  • Student and parents or guardian must complete their portion of the forms and return to Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director will handle the forms at Bullard, send to and receive from previous school and sent to CIF for ruling.
  • The entire process takes time.  Please do not expect to turn in the paperwork and be cleared the same day.
  • If CIF denies the transfer, the student may appeal the decision.  This is done by the family, with assistance on the process from Athletic Director.
  • Any false information given may result in the student being INELIGIBLE for all athletics for up to 2 years.
  • Students who transfer from Bullard will follow this same process with their new school.  No paperwork will be accepted from the student who transferred.  Only paperwork sent directly from new school will be accepted.

For more information, go to the Academic Eligibility and CIF Transfer page on the CIF website.

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